Hello, My name is Bri welcome to my site. Here is a little bit about me. I love playing, writing, and making music. I have writen all of my songs, my music is writen by my dad. My passion is music, theatre, and helping people through music. I am a starving musicain, I am willing to play any where. This website is to get my music out there and to help people with my music. I hope you enjoy my music, look around check out my up coming events. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments, or booking info. enjoy!
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Nov 24th 2010 @ Elk Grove Park
Dec.15th@ Clarks corner with PIF
Jan 21st 2011 @ Studio 21
Feb 25@ Studio 21
March 19th @ Clarks Corner with PIF
May 23rd @ Clarks Corner with PIF
June 3rd @ Studo 21
July 14th @ Club Retro

Oct 23rd @ Clark Corner with PIF

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The "Letting Go" Album Coming Soon..
Battle Cry
This is one of the many songs that I do, it is featured on my upcoming CD "Letting Go." Music for my album will be coming soon and you will be able to view and enjoy.
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